Mobile Vet Smyrna Georgia


Serving Smyrna, Georgia and Vinings, Georgia


Convenience & Quality


We come to you, and your cat or dog stays relaxed at home.  Does it get any easier?

Our years of veterinary experience and modern equipment and techniques provide superb care for your pet.  You are not sacrificing quality with Lucy's; we actually provide more services than some traditional veterinary clinics.

We service Smyrna, Georgia, Vinings, Georgia, and the Cumberland area, Georgia.


Veterinary Services


Preventative Care

Wellness exams and vaccinations are key to prevent illness and disease, and to detect problems early so they can be treated promptly to minimize the impact to your pet's health.  We provide superior wellness exams by including an ultrasound with any wellness package to check for any physical abnormalities that may not be visible on the surface and detected by a typical wellness exam. In addition, keeping your well pet at home prevents exposure to infectious diseases from other pets at a traditional veterinary clinic.



Sick Visits

When your pet is sick one of the worst things for him or her is stress.  Research shows that one of the most stressful parts of a cat's visit to a veterinary clinic is the lobby and waiting area.  Lucy's completely eliminates the waiting room stress by coming directly to your home.  We provide a full array of diagnostic tests including X-ray and ultrasound in order to quickly assess your pet's health and take actions to get her or him well again as soon as possible.




We have full capabilities including minor and major surgery, dental cleanings and extractions, and X-ray and ultrasound imaging.  We are equipped for all of the procedures that are typically performed at a traditional veterinary clinic.