About Lucy’s Veterinary Care

A Better Veterinary Experience

"Lucy" represents your cat or dog, and everything we do is centered around "your Lucy".  Lucy is at the heart of our services, and we strive to provide the best possible experience to you and your dog or cat.  We know it is a challenge to transport your large, rambunctious dogs to a traditional clinic.  We know it is stressful for your cat in the car, in the lobby, during the visit, and on the way home.  We know that you don't have three or more hours in your busy day for a traditional veterinary visit. We know that taking your young children to the vet along with your dog is inconvenient.  We understand that you and/or your pet may have mobility challenges.

We get it, and we have the solution: Lucy's Veterinary Care at home.


My cat hates going to the vet. It stresses me out, too.  Lucy's is so easy and I couldn't be happier  

/  Jon A.  /


The Lucy's Experience

We provide the most convenient and relaxed veterinary experience possible for you and your pet.  Schedule an appointment online and we will come to your home on your schedule.  For most visits we can provide complete care in your home.  Need to continue working remotely or be with the kids?  No problem.  If you prefer that we remain outside of your home, or if the medical needs demand, your pet will be safely transported from your home to our specialized veterinary vehicle in your driveway.  Low, broad steps aid larger dogs stepping into the vehicle.  Pets with mobility issues can be carried into the vehicle by our staff as required for any medical test or procedure.

We provide superior medical care for your pet with skilled staff and modern medical equipment and techniques.  Our services are more comprehensive than many traditional clinics.

Lucy's Veterinary Care provides the best patient and customer experience possible.


Meet the Veterinarian

Dr. Kathy Baker has a deep empathy for your cat and dog.  She has three cats and a dog, and has been around dogs, cats, and horses all of her life.  She knew as a toddler that she would be a veterinarian, and has focused her time and attention for decades in learning animal behaviors and veterinary tools and methods in order to provide your cat and dog the best veterinary care available. 

Dr. Kathy Baker has more than 15 years of experience as a veterinarian, and has held the Medical Director position at a company with multiple clinics.  She won the Gentle Doctor Award which was voted by her veterinary student peers as the person they would most want to treat their own pet.  Dr. Kathy Baker has lived in Smyrna, Georgia for over 15 years.


I will never go to the regular vet again. This is so much easier.

/  Sarah V.  /