Better for You, Patients, and Clients


Improve Your Work Life Balance While Also Helping Patients and Clients

We have identified a proven, successful business model that will allow you to set your working hours, reduce the stress on your patients, and provide amazing convenience for clients.  Control your income and impact by working as many or as few hours as you like, and providing a more thorough, deeper quality of care by spending more time per visit with patients in the context of their home environment.


Created By Veterinarians For Veterinarians

Lucy's Veterinary Care was developed by veterinarians (and their spouses) for veterinarians (and their families).  It was driven by the passion of Dr. Kathy Baker, who cares deeply about her patients, but who is also a working mother of young children and found it very difficult if not impossible to be there for her family while also being a veterinarian at a traditional practice.  Her goal was to create work life balance in a way that helps patients, clients, and fulfills her calling, while also providing more time with her family and friends.  The solution is Lucy's Veterinary Care, which provides a win for you and your family, a win for patients, and a win for clients.  Many of our competitors provide a solution that is a helpful to you, but is not the best experience for your patients and clients due to heavy reliance on referrals to other traditional veterinary clinics (thus not eliminating the undo stress on your patients and causing inconvenience to your clients). We feel strongly that a Lucy's Veterinary Care franchise provides the trifecta of great for you, great for your patients, and great for your clients.


Own Your Own Practice For A Fraction of the Cost of a Traditional Veterinary Clinic

The typical cost to open a traditional veterinary clinic is over a million dollars!  A Lucy's Veterinary Care franchise reduces that to less than a fourth of the cost while providing virtually equivalent services.  You can still practice full medicine and continue to build and enhance your veterinary skills.  You are not limited to being a 'shot clinic' or 'euthanasia only' or providing an extremely limited set of services that most mobile veterinarians are limited to.  With a Lucy's Veterinary Care franchise you can perform X-rays, dentals, surgeries, ultrasound, lab work, in addition to routine exams and vaccinations.  In addition, should you ever decide to move, you can take your clinic with you without incurring any real estate headaches and financial obligations.


Our Expertise Will Greatly Increase Your Success Rate

Our team has extensive experience across marketing, business operations, software and technology, and of course veterinary medicine.  We also have a great depth of knowledge and expertise on how to start and run a mobile veterinary clinic.  Please don't waste countless hours and run into unnecessary frustration (or even a failed business) when we know exactly how and where to help you be successful.  A mobile veterinary clinic is a very unique business, and we have learned through trial and error so much about equipment, vehicles, software, vendors, marketing, and more.  Working with us allows you to launch quickly with confidence and have resources to count on in the beginning as your practice grows and over time as your practice matures.


Best for Veterinarians with Some Experience

While we would love to recommend Lucy's Veterinary Care to new graduates, we feel that it is best suited for veterinarians with at least two years of practice experience.  However, if you have prior experience as a veterinary assistant or veterinary technician for a mobile veterinary clinic, you may be prepared directly out of veterinary school for a Lucy's Veterinary Care practice.  Even though we provide tons of guidance, best practices, and support during your launch, trying to learn how to be a doctor while also being a first-time business owner is quite a bit to undertake at the same time and may reduce your odds of success.  With that said, if you are passionate about the opportunity, please contact us and let's discuss the details of your situation and experience in order to determine your best options.


Contact Us With Your Questions

We understand that the prospect of starting a new clinic can be a mix of excitement and uncertainty, and that most veterinarians are unfamiliar with mobile veterinary clinics (trust us we've been through it) and franchise ownership.  We want to answer any and all questions that you have in order to help you decide if this is the right path for you and your family.  Please select a convenient time to discuss the opportunity further.