Our goal is to provide high-quality, modern, complete care for your pet.  We have a full set of capabilities so that your pet may never need to visit a traditional veterinary clinic.  Our focus on the pet experience is significantly less stressful for your cat or dog, and the convenience of services at your home saves you time and effort.  In addition, you will receive personalized veterinary care with much greater time with the veterinarian than traditional clinics offer.

Our costs are comparable to other high-quality traditional veterinary clinics.  There is a $50 housecall charge for the visit to your home that accounts for our veterinarian and staff time to drive to your location and fuel for the specialized mobile clinic vehicle. 



Everything we do is for "Lucy" (your cat or dog).  We center our service around your pet, making it as stress-free as possible.  We visit your pet where they are comfortable and familiar, free from many stressors (vehicle ride, carrier confinement, other unknown animals and scents).  We also use pet-friendly procedures to reduce pain and discomfort wherever possible.



We come to you, saving your time to capture and transport your pet, eliminating waiting room time, and allowing you to be in the comfort of your home throughout the entire visit.  The doctor will ask some questions on your pet's health and confirm which services you would like, but otherwise you are free to continue whatever you need to do at home - be with your children, continue working, or just relaxing.

Personalized Care

With much more time with the veterinarian compared to traditional clinic visits, you will receive a more thorough evaluation and understanding of your pet's health, and personalized care based on the nuances of their home environment.  As one example, if your pet has flea problems, a quick visual scan of their indoor and outdoor environment at your home will help the veterinarian provide detailed, specific recommendations based on your pet and your home environment.