Our Services

Our Veterinarian and staff provide high-quality, complete care with modern equipment and medicines in order to give your cat or dog the best care possible. We offer more services than some traditional veterinary clinics in the comfort of your home.


Wellness Exams

Comprehensive Exam

Our veterinarian performs a thorough physical examination in the comfort of your home (or our mobile clinic in your driveway, if you prefer). Your pet’s time with the doctor is unmatched compared to the 15 minutes of doctor time at a traditional clinic.

  • Thorough examination by the veterinarian

  • Performed in home (or in mobile clinic if preferred)

  • Vaccinations, as required

  • (Optional) Labwork (most can be done onsite)

  • (Optional) Preventative ultrasound scan


Full Suite of Diagnostics

We provide a complete set of diagnostics in order to catch an issue early on, or to help diagnose the situation with your cat or dog.  Most diagnostics can be performed during your visit, and some more complex diagnostics may require external labwork (fully coordinated by us).

  • Blood tests

  • Urine tests

  • Fecal tests

  • Ear cytology

  • Skin tests

  • Eye tests

  • Bacterial and fungal cultures



Full Body and Dental X-Rays

We provide high-quality x-rays in our specialized veterinary vehicle during your visit.  We have the latest digital x-ray technology and can email your pet's x-ray images to you during your visit.

  • Full body

  • Leg or Tail

  • Chest

  • Head

  • Neck and back

  • Shoulders and hips

  • Dental


Onsite Ultrasound During Your Visit

Lucy's offers preventative ultrasounds for each wellness exam, and we can also provide specialized ultrasounds to help diagnose specific issues.  We have the latest ultrasound technology and can email your pet's ultrasound images or videos during or shortly after your visit.

  • Preventative body scan

  • Tumor scan

  • Foreign body scan

  • Pulmonary fluid scan

  • Echocardiogram


Dental Services

Complete Dental Care

From preventative dental cleanings to dental extraction, we provide complete dental care for your cat or dog.

  • Dental cleaning

  • Dental extraction

  • Dental X-rays

View more about Dental Cleaning in Dogs

Surgical Procedures

Comprehensive Surgery Capabilities

We can perform most common minor and major surgeries for your pet in our veterinary vehicle at your home, comparable to a traditional veterinary clinic.  Some complex or specialized surgeries may be referred to surgery specialists, just like a traditional veterinary clinic would do.

  • Spay and neuter

  • Mass removal

  • Biopsies

  • Wound repair

  • Foreign body removal



Full Suite of Medications

We prescribe prescription and over-the-counter medicines, based on your pet's needs.  We typically provide a starter supply and help you to order ongoing medicines through our online pharmacy or your preferred pharmacy.

  • Allergy medicine

  • Pain relief

  • Flea and tick prevention

  • Antibiotics and antifungals

  • Steroids

  • De-wormers

  • Ointments

End of Life Care

Loving Care During a Difficult Time

We know it is likely not an easy decision, and we are here to provide the utmost comfort, dignity, and support to your pet during this difficult time.  We promise to provide the best end of life care possible.

  • In-home or In-vehicle, as you prefer

  • Owner present or not, at your discretion

  • Your choice of cremation, private cremation, or you keep your pet for home burial or transport to your preferred crematory